My goal with this particular page is to help you get simple and delicious meals/snacks/treats on the table during those times when you don’t want to experiment and don’t have a lot of time, but just need something tried and true that you know will be easy and good and relatively healthy.

The problem sometimes is that the sheer volume of recipes out there is overwhelming, and all the beautiful food photos can be deceiving, so I’m going to start sifting through them, making them, and linking my favorites here. There will be a few requirements in order to make the cut for these particular recipes:

  1. No time consuming or complicated recipes

  2. Must be quick, east, and tasty

  3. Must use “real-food” ingredients (or easily swapped)

  4. Can’t require too many ingredients, or unusual or hard-to-come-by ingredients

The goal will be to build up a database here of go-to simple recipes from various websites, food bloggers, individuals, etc. that you can find quickly when you need something simple and healthy (or healthy-is), and have them all in one place to refer to. Sound good? This list will gradually grow, and if you’ve got some great, go-to recipes for me to try, please send them my way!