I often get asked about products that I use and love, and where to get them. So, I’ve compiled a list of products that I use regularly and wholeheartedly recommend. Some of these are affiliate links, and I may receive a small commission from your purchase (though not affecting your purchase price). I will never recommend products that I don’t believe in and stand behind!

Many products that I use are locally made, grown, sold, etc., but here is a short list of items that I love that you can find online.



Sprouted Flour – Sprouted flours are converted into a raw, living food with more vital nutrients that are more readily absorbed by the body, and are digested more like a vegetable than a starch. I use this sprouted spelt flour for the majority of my baking needs.

Raw Honey – I either use a raw, local honey, or this honey that I love!

Pure, Organic, Grade B Maple Syrup – This is the maple syrup that I use.

Raw, Organic Cacao Powder – Cacao powder is full of antioxidants, iron, fiber, and magnesium. I regularly add it to smoothies and anything calling for chocolate. I use this cacao powder.

Healthy Oils and Fats – It’s important to include plenty of healthy fats into your diet, and it’s important to use the right oil for the job. The three oils we use most are this olive oil (great for salad dressings), this avocado oil (perfect for high temp cooking), and this coconut oil (perfect for baking, adding to smoothies and coffee, skincare, etc.) I also add this brain octane oil into my coffee each morning, along with this vanilla bean grassfed ghee. It keeps me full and satisfied, and starts my day off right!

Salad Dressing – It’s easy to make healthy salad dressings at home, but for those times when you don’t, or if you’d just rather not, this is the brand I recommend. The majority of store-bought salad dressings are full of unhealthy oils and harmful ingredients, and will turn your healthy salad into a healthy disaster!

Organic Wine – Organic, lab-tested for purity, and delivered to your door. This is the greatest wine you will buy, and is the only health-focused, organic wine club in the world. You can purchase it here.


Low Mercury Tuna – I love tuna because it makes for an easy, healthy lunch! We avoided it for so long because of the major concern of mercury, but I’m so excited to have found this brand. They are the only company that tests every single batch of tuna and adheres to an extremely strict low-mercury standard. (Code healthyhomehelp for discount.) Pair it with an avocado oil mayo,  and some healthy crackers and greens, and you’ve got the perfect, easy lunch!

Beef Sticks - These Paleovalley beef sticks are 100% grassfed with naturally occurring probiotics. They are a perfect snack that we love!

Snack Bars - We love Square Organics bars, and pass them off as dessert in my kids lunches. They consider them a special treat. A few of the flavors are nut-free so they can be included in school lunches even if nuts aren't allowed. Our favorite nut-free flavor is cherry and our favorite overall is cookie dough. (Use code healthyhomehelp for 20% off.) We also love these Naturally Clean Eats bars, and you can't beat the clean ingredients! Unfortunately, there are no nut-free varieties for school lunches. 

Crackers - Our favorite healthy crackers are these Simple Mills grain-free almond flour crackers


Grass-Fed Gelatin/Collagen – Gelatin and Collagen are loaded with high quality protein and amino acids and have many amazing health benefits. They are helpful for soothing digestive disorders and great for your skin, hair, and nails. I stir this collagen into smoothies, coffee, yogurt, etc. and I use this gelatin to make homemade jello and gummy snacks. You can also find them here.


Instant Pot I've used (and have loved) a regular slow-cooker for years. I recently switched to an Instant Pot though and love it. It has a lot of features that I haven't even started to take advantage of, but the mail difference for me right now is that it can do the same thing as a slow-cooker in a fraction of the time. And who doesn't need to save time? For example, I can make my salsa chicken in 30 minutes instead of 6 hours, with the same results. I'll take it! Use this link to get $10 off your Instant Pot at checkout. 

Cookware –  It is important to avoid non-stick cookware due to the toxic and carcinogenic fumes that they emit. Investing in all new cookware can be an investment though, so here are my top three choices and most used pots and pans. The first is this basic Lodge pre-seasoned cast iron skillet. It’s inexpensive, and perfect for egg dishes, one-skillet meals, sautéing veggies, etc. The second is this Le Creuset two-in-one pan. This is great for rice, quinoa, sauces, oatmeal, etc., and the lid doubles as a small skillet. And the final one that I use for EVERYTHING else and absolutely couldn’t live without is this Le Creuset dutch oven. I use it for soups, stocks, roasts, one pot meals, etc.

Water Filter – I have used this Berkey Countertop Water Filter System for years! This is the most effective (and still economical) countertop water filter system that I am aware of…and I have looked into MANY water filters. Berkey water filter elements have been tested and shown to remove 100% of pathogens. And, with the additional fluoride filters, the amount of fluoride is reduced up to 95%. (It’s also great for travel and emergencies!)

Vitamix – There are not a lot of days go by that I don’t use my Vitamix, so I definitely had to include it on my list! I use if for smoothies, nut butters, soups, etc. This is probably my number one must-have kitchen tool! You can buy it here.

Chemex Coffee Maker – I’m in love with my Chemex coffee maker because it is not only beautiful, but makes the most delicious cup of coffee! (Pair it will a high-quality organic coffee.) It filters out acidic and bitter compounds that most coffee makers don’t, AND it filters out the oils so that it can be brewed and stored in the fridge for delicious iced coffee too! I have this 8 cup Chemex.


Real Food Meal Plans – Need a little help planning healthy meals for your family? Real Plans has you covered with delicious recipes to fit all diets and dietary restrictions, shopping lists, and timelines. It’s the simplest way to get organized and plan your meals in just a few minutes each week!

Organic Meal Kit Delivery – If you want ALL the planning and guesswork taken out, and just want your healthy meal kits delivered right to you, then Sun Basket has you covered! They offer organic, real-food meal kits delivered right to your door. Read more about why I love them here. Purchase their meal plans (and get 3 free meals!) here.


Essential Oils – We use essential oils daily in our home for immune support, cleaning supplies, beauty products, and so much more! Click here to read about the oils that I love, or click here to order.