Happy Gut Health Challenge!


Who wants to join me for a simple and inexpensive happy gut health challenge that also happens to be a crazy good deal? Use this link to get an incredible deal on an amazing gut health package.

The goal is to help with sugar cravings, low energy, sluggish digestion and bloat, and I’m actually super excited about it because the package includes 8 ready-to-blend superfood smoothies and 6 probiotic wellness shots from Project Juice and a personalized gut assessment test from Ubiome (how cool is that?!). It would ordinarily be a total of $190, but they’re offering the one week challenge for just $74.95 (plus an additional $10 off if you use code healthyhomehelp!!!). They’ll also be sending a “happy guts meal plan” as a suggested guide for the week.

You have to order the box in the next week (by 9/7), and I’ve been told they’re only selling a limited number and that the first ones to order will be receiving additionally goodies! The box will then arrive on 9/13 for everyone to participate in the challenge at the same time. You won’t find the deal on their website and you have to use this special link to purchase. And be sure to use the code healthyhomehelp to get the additional $10 off so that it’s only $64.95. Anybody going to join me???

Note: this is a one-time purchase and will NOT enroll you in any subscription for additional deliveries.