About Kinzi


Welcome to Healthy Home Help! I’m Kinzi Herron: real food lover, healthy lifestyle seeker, 5-kid wrangler.

Our family’s natural health journey first started when my oldest child was 4 years old. We were seeing health issues and behaviors that were concerning to us, and couldn’t seem to find any answers through conventional medicine.

We found the answers we were looking for, however, through a whole/real foods diet, alternative medicine, and holistic health care. That has lead us down this path to where we are now…a crazy homeschooling, home-birthing, home-medicating (with food) family!

I love to share some of the information and knowledge that I’ve gained along the way to help others lead a healthier lifestyle, and I’m so glad that you’ve joined me here!

Our Family's "Real Food" Journey

My family has been eating a “real food,” high-fat, low-sugar diet for about 10 years – long before any current fads surrounding those things. I started making bone broth, fermenting veggies, and brewing my own kombucha at a time when you were hard pressed to find it on any supermarket shelf.

It started when my oldest child was four, and his “quirky” behaviors were getting way beyond quirky. The sound of a timer going off could send him into a complete meltdown, he couldn’t maintain any sort of eye contact, and he was highly anxious…and it was getting worse. I knew something wasn’t right, but couldn’t find any answers in mainstream medicine. To make a (very) long story short, I immersed myself in learning anything I could possibly learn that might help him. And, a huge part of that turned out to be a complete 180 degree turn in the way we ate (even though we ate “healthy” according to any food pyramid or conventional doctor or dietitian).

Against the well-meaning advice of almost everyone, we completely removed all dairy, gluten, sugar (all forms), and processed foods from our diet for almost two years as we set out to heal my son’s gut (which we learned was affecting his brain and behaviors and how he processed things). The whole family participated and there was no “wiggle room.” People thought we were crazy. And.It.Was.So.Hard. But there is no stopping a mom on a mission and we were making huge strides. (After that initial two years, we were then able to add back in dairy – in the form of whole, raw, and/or cultured; sprouted/sourdough grains; and natural sweeteners.)

Through that process, and by the grace of God, we healed my son’s gut…and therefore his brain. We also healed other things in our family, like depression, secondary infertility, etc. and completely changed our approach to and our beliefs about food, about medical care, and about our bodies. That’s certainly not to take away the fact that God is the ultimate healer. In fact, through the process, I only became more in awe of how He created our bodies. I learned how to nourish our bodies simply with the foods he created to nourish them. This is simply our lifestyle now.